Theme: Mixed bag questions.
Take a look !English Resource File N°7.

English Resource File N°5.
English Resource File N°1.
English Resource File N°6.
English Resource File N°4.

Edward Radburn

English Resource File N°8.

English Resource File N°11.

English Resource File N°17.

English Resource File N°16.
Theme: Adverts & publicity.
English Resource File N°10.

English Resource File N°13.

English Resource File N°12.
English Resource File N°14.
English Resource File N°18.
English Resource File N°2.
Theme: Memories of the past.
Theme: Materialistic or not?
Theme: Public transport.
Theme: Questions at random.
Theme: Man verses woman.

Theme: Questions on adoption .
Theme: Random questions.
Theme: Mixed bag questions.
Theme: Diplomatic or not?.
Theme: Random questions.
Theme: Who has scruples?
Theme: Food for thought.
Theme: Family.
Easy to use conversation class material for busy teachers.
Subjects to get your teeth into ! Level: Intermediate to advanced.
Songs to listen to & translate. Half crosswords: A great way to build your vocabulary.
Comedy sketches to study with full audio support.
Great "Ice-breakers". Always something to talk about.
mentions légales - Copyright English Com'Eddy World / AbraCaDabra Conte-Moi 2011

English Resource File N°15.
Theme: Habit or addiction.

Each "English Resource file" is different. A wide range of tried and tested conversation subjects: Exactly what you were looking for to stimulate your students. Highly popular Half Crosswords, guaranteed to get you talking. Humorous stories & jokes, relating to your students own funny stories. Questions on a specific theme or random questions to "kickstart" conversations. Funny sketches with full MP3 audio support if needed. MP3 Songs to listen to & translate. Easy to use & printer friendly.

Theme: Modern day living.
English Resource File N°9.

Printer friendly Photocopiable
English Resource File N°3.
Theme: Money.
English Conversation Resource Files
Lots of everyday subjects that you can discuss and develop with your students.

My many years of English teaching experience using humour as a principal common denominator has proved to be a great barrier breaker. I have put together "English Conversation Resources" knowing that teachers and students alike will enjoy them to the full. Each "Resource File" has many hours of varied conversation activities that need little or no preparation for the teacher, and you can photocopy them again & again. Keeping an English conversation class interested and alert can be difficult sometimes. These resources are designed for that purpose. Inside each file you will find lots of well chosen questions (Talking Points) about a particular subject to get your students talking. Also there are humorous stories and jokes (Smilers) that you can easily exploit. Half Crossword puzzles are very popular with my students. You divide them into teams. Team A & Team B. Each team has a different half of the crossword. They take it in turns to ask the opposing team the definition of the words that they do not have. For example "Can you give me the definition of 12 down? Each file has a different song (Music + Text) that you can study and translate. Finally you have a sketch that your students can study. along with audio files. They will be able to hear the music or stress of the English language. And then you may want to act it out. If you need any help or advice you can contact me on:
Each English Resource File: 7 Euro
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