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Des cours d'anglais par le théâtre comique. ( 11è saison ) Un choix entre lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi ou vendredi. Dans un vrai théâtre! 2 bis rue de la Benauge 33100 Bordeaux Bastide. ( Tram A. Place Stalingrad ) Le ton est à l'humour mais les cours sont appliqués ! V isitez le Théâtre English Com'Eddy et rencontrez l'équipe ! appelez le 06 60 43 17 23 / 05 56 91 16 46
Anglais par le biais du théâtre comique à l'année. Décoincez votre anglais dans une ambiance décontractée, mais appliquée.
Face aux entreprises de plus en plus exigentes, la nécessité de maîtriser la langue anglaise devient evidente.
One of twelve sketches from : "The Waiting Room" Amanda, a very shy romantic young woman enters. She walks to the centre of the room, looks at her watch, and then at the timetable in front of her. A soft music starts to play. Henry, a young man enters wearing a dark jacket and trousers open neck white shirt with a white scarf. He gives the impression of being very sincere, but is not. He walks up slowly behind Amanda. He slides his arms around her waist. They sway to the rhythm of the music. Music fades. They stand side by side. AMANDA: Henry? HENRY: Yes Amanda? AMANDA: You won’t forget me, will you? (Looking up at him) HENRY: Now why would I forget you? (Convincing Laugh) AMANDA: Well… You are going away, aren’t you? HENRY: You know very well that I have to go away, don’t you? AMANDA: Yes I know… HENRY: We’ve discussed this over and over again, haven’t we? (Smiles at her, then discreetly looks at his watch) AMANDA: Yes we have… You’ll come back to me? HENRY: I’ll come back to you. AMANDA: You still love me? HENRY: I still love you. (Smiles. Hiding his insincerity) AMANDA: You would tell me if… HENRY: (Laughs) Of course I would tell you if… (Stops) If what? AMANDA: If you didn’t. HENRY: If I didn’t what? AMANDA: (Pause) Love me. (Lowers her eyes) HENRY: I would… of course. (Smiles) AMANDA: You would … Of course, silly of me. HENRY: Yes, silly of you. (Smiles) AMANDA: Do you like my dress? (She twirls around showing off her dress) HENRY: I like your dress. AMANDA: It’s not too… (Shyly) HENRY: Not too? … Oh no. It fits you like a… AMANDA: Like a glove? (Smiles) HENRY: Yes like a glove. AMANDA: I bought it especially for you. HENRY: For me? (Distracted) How… nice. AMANDA: (Disappointed) Nice? HENRY: (Reassuring) How wonderful! AMANDA: Yes… isn’t it? (Pause) You won’t change? HENRY: I won’t change. (Looks at Amanda, then looks away) AMANDA: You’ll think of me? HENRY: I’ll think of you. (Looks discreetly at his watch) AMANDA: When you are all alone? HENRY: When I am all alone. AMANDA: And when you are not all alone? HENRY: And when I’m not all alone. AMANDA: (She searches in her handbag) Here. (She gives him a photo) You’ll keep it close to your heart? HENRY: (Looks at the photo) Oh! (Surprised. He smiles) I’ll keep it close to my heart. (He puts it in his breast pocket) AMANDA: You’ll look at it every day? HENRY: I’ll look at it every day. (He examines his finger nails) AMANDA: Even when you are alone in your bed? HENRY: Even when I am alone in my bed. AMANDA: Will you imagine me… HENRY: I will imagine you… AMANDA: (Her eyes lowered) Our bodies entwined. HENRY: (Surprised) Pardon? AMANDA: (Sighs) In your bed. HENRY: In my bed … Yes. AMANDA: I can trust you totally? HENRY: (Reassuringly) Completely. AMANDA: Fully? HENRY: Entirely, completely, totally, utterly, thoroughly. AMANDA: Absolutely, wholly, perfectly, deeply, truly? HENRY: Inextricably. (Large smile) AMANDA: Oh my Henry! HENRY: (Looking away) Oh my God! AMANDA: Look at me! HENRY: Look at me? (Teasing) AMANDA: No, look at me! HENRY: Yes. Look at you! AMANDA: Henry. Kiss me. HENRY: What? AMANDA: Kiss me like there was no tomorrow! HENRY: Now? Today?
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Supports audio à télécharger pour écouter et s'habituer de la musique de la langue anglaise !
Julia and Ludovik. A well dressed couple. The man is struggling with three suitcases. We can see that it’s Julia who plays the dominant role. JULIA (Julia comes rushing into the waiting room followed by an out of breath Ludovik) What’s the time? Are we too late? LUDOVIK (He looks up at the timetable, drops the suitcases. He’s furious) Damn, damn and double damn! JULIA Oh no! (Looking at him accusingly) Well, isn’t that just typical? LUDOVIK What? … Oh, no you don’t! Surely, you are not going to pin the blame on me?! JULIA Well, who was it who insisted on taking the bus instead of the taxi? LUDOVIK And who was it who insisted on buying chocolates before we got on the bus? You were at least 15 minutes choosing which chocolates to buy! JULIA (Glaring at him. Puts a chocolate into her mouth) You know how much I love chocolates, don’t you? LUDOVIK And you know very well how much I hate coffee creams, don’t you? And what are you chewing in that pretty little mouth of yours? JULIA (Calm) Now, Ludovik. You could have come into the shop and chosen your own favourite chocolates! LUDOVIK How could I? With an enormous painting stuck under my arm? JULIA Oh that’s just a feeble excuse Lulu! and you know it ! LUDOVIK Don’t call me Lulu! You know I don’t like you calling me Lulu! (Looks at his watch, and then at the timetable) Look, it’s not so bad, there’s another one in 45 minutes. LUDOVIK / JULIA (A long pause. Suddenly they look at each other. They scream) The painting!! LUDOVIK (Looking around him) What have you done with it!? JULIA What do you mean, what have I done with it! (Accusingly) What have you done with it!? LUDOVIK (He walks backwards away from her) No, no, no! It can’t be true! It’s not possible! JULIA You had it under your arm when I went into the shop. Think Lulu… Think! LUDOVIK Yes, but I gave you the painting to hold when I paid the bus fare! JULIA (Stamping her feet) You did not! LUDOVIK Yes I did! I distinctly remember saying… “Hold on to it while I pay the driver, will you darling?” JULIA You most certainly did not! You might have said that, but you didn’t say it to me! LUDOVIK Yes I did! How could I have paid with the bloody thing stuck under my arm? It would have been impossible to get my money out of my pocket. JULIA Well now it’s gone! I hope you are satisfied! LUDOVIK Oh yes! I’m satisfied… What an utter bloody waste of money! JULIA You didn’t like the painting anyway… What are we going to do? LUDOVIK I didn’t like the painting? £5000 that painting cost me. At £5000 I think I have the right to hate it if I bloody well want to!! JULIA Stop swearing Lulu… You know I hate it when you swear. LUDOVIK (Red with anger) Well bloody stop calling me bloody Lulu then, ok? JULIA Ok, ok. (Pause) What are we going to do? LUDOVIK There’s only one thing we can do, and that’s go to the Police station, and report the painting as stolen (Unnoticed a man with a painting under his arm comes into the waiting room. He stands about 3 metres behind them) JULIA But we’ll miss our train. LUDOVIK Yes. We will. JULIA And if we miss this train… (Worried) We’ll never make the connection for the train to Oxford. LUDOVIK Don’t you think I know that? JULIA We won’t be able to get home before tomorrow evening… (She cries) LUDOVIK Look… (Reaches into his pocket for a handkerchief) Don’t cry Juju. Here, dry your eyes. Come on! It’s not the end of the world. We’ll go to the police station, report the loss of the painting and then find ourselves a nice comfy hotel for the night. JULIA (Takes the handkerchief, wipes her eyes and blows her nose loudly and hands it back to him) But_ LUDOVIK No buts Juju. (Poetic) Just me and you, just us two, a romantic time, with a bottle of wine. (Smiles) JULIA (Half smiles. Looks up at him) Bordeaux? LUDOVIK Of course… (Smiles) What else? JULIA Yes but… LUDOVIK But what? JULIA What about Mother? LUDOVIK Oh no! Your Mother’s not having any. She’s in Oxford… Thank goodness.
De mi septembre à fin juin, vous pouvez intégrer une troupe d'élèves avec lesquels vous allez partager et échanger pour arriver au spectacle final sur une véritable scène de théâtre. Le théâtre comique est un excellent moyen pour briser les barrières et vaincre votre timidité. Même un peu rouillé, avec notre aide, vous prendrez de l'assurance et n'hésiterez plus à vous exprimer en anglais.
Supports audio à télécharger à volonté ! pour les inscrits. Infos : 06 60 43 17 23
Every year new "made to measure" "Com'Eddy" plays and sketches for my students. A chance for everyone on stage to Shine!
Evening classes / Cours du soir : 2017 / 2018 33 séances de 2 heures 30 ( 2 intervenants ) Lundi - de 19 h 30 à 22 h. Démarrage le 11 septembre ( Spectacles filmés. Sketches et pièces ) Mardi - de 19 h 30 à 22 h. Démarrage le 12 septembre ( Spectacles filmés. Sketches et pièces ) Mercredi - de 19 h 30 à 22 h. Démarrage le 13 septembre ( Spectacles filmés. Sketches et pièces ) Tarif : 516 euros l'année. Payable en plusieurs échéances tout au long de la période. Season 2017 / 2018 Day classes / Cours en journée 28 séances de 2 heures ou 2 heures 30 ( 1 intervenant. ) Mardi - de 10 h 00 à 12 h 30 Démarrage: Le 19 septembre 2016 ( Possibilité 2 Spectacles en mai 2018 Filmés ) Tarif : 325 euros l'année. Payable en plusieurs échéances tout au long de la période. Jeudi - de 9 h à 11 h ( 2 heures ) Démarrage: Le 21 septembre 2016 ( 1 Spectacle de sketches en mai 2018 Filmé ) Jeudi - de 11 h 00 à 13 h ( 2 heures ) Démarrage: Le 21 septembre 2016 ( 1 Spectacle en mai 2018 Filmé ) Jeudi - de 15 h 30 à 17 h 30 ( 2 heures ) Démarrage: Le 21 septembre 2016 ( 1 Spectacle en mai 2018 Filmé ) Vendredi - de 10 h à 12 h ( 2 heures ) Démarrage: Le 22 septembre 2017 ( 1 Spectacle en mai 2018 Filmé ) Tarif : 295 euros l'année. Payable en plusieurs échéances tout au long de la période. On s'amuse beaucoup ! Mais ! C'est du sérieux !
Tous niveaux acceptés, si la motivation est au rv. Supports fournis. Accès à un espace sécurisé où vous pourrez télécharger des fichiers audio tels des textes à trous pour vous aider à travailler, et vous habituer à la musique de la langue anglaise.....
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